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David Gomez - Lead Guitar and backup vocals
Ryan Kordich -Keys
Alex Gonzalez - Percussion
Simpko -Bass and backup vocals

Lead Vocals- Ashley IRAE: born Ashley Rae MacCulloch, is a singer/songwriter musician born in Southern California. Conscious Roots reggae soul music. She also does Reiki treatments and teaches yoga/meditation and Pilates when she's not jammin the IRAE tunes. Her awakening into self love started with the remembrance of the healing power of reggae music within her soul.She is here to spread healing through the world through the power of Roots reggae music. Word. Power. Sound. Raw Livity is her backing band for Live shows and she is currently working with Crowntown Records on her debut album. Raw Livity stands for authenticity, righteousness, unity, peace, oneness in the lifestyle of day to day living here on this planet.

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